Teaching Resources

This will expand over time, with links, downloads, and other useful stuff for teaching nuclear and Cold War history.

Nuclear Bunker Survival Game: Something I did in classes round about the time of essay hand-in, just to give a bit of light relief from ‘big thinking’. There are two components to this: the information sheet that should be handed to students to read out; and, the character sheets. The basic situation is that up to tweleve people are trapped in a nuclear bunker, but five of them must be sent outside to die because of a lack of food and water. Who do they choose? Offers a great way to get students thinking about ethics, morality, and what skills might be required in the aftermath of nuclear war.

Nuclear Cold War course posts: All the posts I’ve made associated with my Edinburgh University honours course on the nuclear Cold War. They most reflect on pedagogy, historiography, and student interaction.

Alex Wellerstein’s teaching resources: Nuclear scholar Alex Wellerstein has a useful selection of resources, with a focus on science.

The H-Diplo Syllabus Archive: An immensely useful collection of syllabi donated by members of the H-Diplo discussion group.

The BAAS/HOTCUS ‘Teaching America’ series: An immensely informative blog series from the British Association for American Studies and Historians of the Twentieth Century United States. I was delighted to contribute an entry on teaching nuclear history.

The Revolutionary 1960s: A short summer school course that I co-created and co-taught with my excellent colleagues and friends, Dr Mark McLay and Dr Frances Houghton.

The AV Club’s Cold War Pop Culture Timeline: Includes film, music, and lots of other great stuff.

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