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Why Should You Be Interested In Nuclear History?

23 Jan

There is a degree of arrogance involved in publishing your thoughts at random on the internet. A vain assumption that there are people out there who will be interested in what you have to say (and as an aside: hello and welcome to both of you!) This is perhaps even more apparent when you are dealing with the obscurities and super-specific geekiness of academic history. One reason for this particular blog is the hope that it might interest an audience outside of what is often called ‘the academy.’

That leads into the main question: why in heavens name should you be interested in nuclear history? I for one am not going to pretend that I have all – or even a minority of – the answers to this question. But, I’m enough of a bloviator to think that I might be able to stumble towards a few basic thoughts on the matter.

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Ph.Ds, History Blogging, and Time

11 Dec

The History Blogging Project is chock full of useful advice on starting, positioning, and most importantly, maintaining a history-based blog. I myself have fallen into a number of the traps that various established bloggers warn against. In particular, I set out ages ago with good intentions about creating a blog to reflect my research interests and experiences. Since then, it has been All Quiet on the Western Front (or Eastern, given the location of Edinburgh.) Now that my research has advanced, I’ve moved into the second year of my Ph.D, and I feel more confident in talking about the subject matter, there is a feeling that I am in a better position regarding maintaining a worthwhile blog.

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