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John Mueller vs the World!

30 Jul

Now that the PhD is done and dusted (even though it still feels funny to think that it is over), there’s still plenty to do in terms of trying to scratch out an academic career. The lot of the newly minted Doctor is far from easy. Few jobs/postdocs, many applicants, crowded market, etc.

However, I’m lucky enough to have been offered some adjunct teaching work at the University of Edinburgh. Even better, I’m allowed to design and offer my own honours-level (3rd and 4th year undergraduate) courses. The first to come up is Confrontation, Proliferation, Representation: The Nuclear Cold War in Policy and in Public, 1945-1989. You can find out more about the course here. The syllabus is pretty much done, so I thought I would share the outline of the introductory class.

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