The Subtle Art of the Demarche

16 Dec

I meant to post about this ages ago, when the documents were first released, but other stuff got in the way as usual. However, this is so interesting that I had to talk about it at some point.

The National Security Archive at George Washington University continues its excellent work in obtaining the release of previously classified nuclear documentation with this recent set of diplomatic messages.(1) They highlight the efforts of the United States in trying to restrain Pakistani nuclear ambitions while concurrently attempting to achieve other – often conflicting – foreign policy objectives.

The interesting thing for me is that the publication of this documentary set goes some way towards supporting my hypothesis that US-UK non-proliferation co-operation was far closer when it came to matters on the Indian subcontinent than in other areas of the world. Support for this hypothesis is, however, still required rom the British side. The great thing about the NSA release is that it sets up signposts that point you in the direction of other materials as yet unused. In fact, there’s much here that makes me look again at previous innocuous seeming materials listed in the catalogue of The National Archives in London prior to my research visit there in January 2012.

As the third from last paragraph of the preamble to the document set notes, more needs to be found out about the British end of things. And, this is an area which I’m hopefully homing in on. Comparing the British and US documents could (and probably will) provide interesting and significant new insights into the nature and extent of the Anglo-American non-proliferation relationship as it relates to India and Pakistan.



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  1. HOTCUS Conference 2012 « theatomicage -

    […] and Pakistan’s Quest for the Bomb and Non-papers and Demarches (which I mentioned briefly in this entry.) Some interesting subsidiary information also comes from China, Pakistan, and the Bomb and from […]

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